Other Projects Implemented or to be Implemented in different Barangays:

  1. Construction of Nitso @ Mun. Cemetery, Brgy. May Ogob
  2. Construction of Perimeter Fence @ Brgy. Guinaban Social Hall
  3. Shouldering of Diversion Road, Alcantara St. Pob. West
  4. Improvement of Pob. East Brgy. Hall
  5. Purchase of Lot for the Evacuation Center of Brgy. San Francisco
  6. Construction of Perimeter Fence at Brgy. Salvacion Social Hall
  7. Construction of Pathway @ Zone 6, Brgy. Pinit
  8. Rehab. Of the Old Moriones Day Care Center
  9. Purchase of lot for the Evacuation Center of Pob. Central
  10. Road Construction @ Brgy. San Vicente
  11. Improvement of New Moriones Brgy. Hall
  12. Construction of Pathway @ Brgy. San Roque Communal
  13. Construction of Evacuation Center @ Begy. Del Rosario
  14. Construction of Pathway, zone 2, Brgy. San Jose Oras
  15. Construction of Drainage Canal @ Zone 2b, Brgy. Ayugan